Could Only Be Good for McCain


As we all know, the working-class voters-the NASCAR Dads–decide elections.  They are the Holy Grail, the True Americans.  This demographic poses a problem for Obama, though, seeing as how he’s an elitist who goes to a gym and drinks iced tea, an elixir so exotic it can only be found in exclusive boutiques in Paris, New York and San Francisco.  He’s also an Islamofascistblackradical who wants to destroy Christianity and oppress whitey, which makes some voters afraid to have a beer with him.  With all of these strikes against him, most people thought for sure that Obama would never be able to get support from True Americans.  So imagine everyone’s surprise when the Washington Post announced this morning that Obama leads McCain among working-class voters by a 2 to 1 advantage.

According to their poll, Obama has an overwhelming lead from African Americans and Latinos, despite the fact that before everyone knew that the latter group would never vote for him. But even among the True Americans—the white working-class—Obama leads McCain by 10 percentage points, 47% – 37%. What’s the reason for this? Well, people who actually have to live in the real world, where the economy is falling, everyone’s getting foreclosed upon, jobs are being eliminated, no one can afford to see a doctor, and rising food and gas prices are squeezing us pretty tight, seem to care an awful lot about economic issues. McCain himself has said that he doesn’t know much about economics, and I guess it shows. Many people are leaning Obama because of his domestic economic plans.

[S]even in 10, say government should focus on helping people like them find more affordable health insurance, a core component of Obama’s campaign. Just over four in 10 favor placing a top priority on tax cuts or on creating jobs through an expansion of public works projects.

Overall, the survey suggests that Obama’s economic appeals have the most resonance with white workers who are under the greatest financial stress. He leads by 19 percentage points among those white workers who feel “very insecure” financially; that is more than double his advantage among those in the group who feel better off. (emphasis mine)

McCain leads among those who say they have advanced over the past seven years, but it is a much smaller group — only 17 percent of low-wage white workers. Obama has the edge among those who say they have stayed about even over that time period.”

I can’t wait for the spin on this.  I’ve no doubt that this just shows further how unfit Obama is to be president. The more people like Obama, the more we know that he shouldn’t hold public office. So Vote McCain-He’s Unpopular.

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